Camp Description

Texas Football Experience – 2021 | Dallas, Texas | July 11–18, 2021

The Texas Football Experience is designed for athletes from all over the world to join us in Dallas, Texas for a week of training, as well as seeing and learning about all that our state has to offer.

Our goal is to give athletes from across the globe the opportunity to fully grasp the mental, physical, and cultural capacity of the sport that we love. Participants will leave Texas with a unique appreciation for the sport, along with the physical abilities to compete at a higher level, and a desire to ACHIEVE GREATNESS!


  • TFE will train you at an elite level on and off the field.

Extensive on field training and classroom setting training sessions.

  • Together we will watch and break down game film and walk through situations and build confidence in your ability to think on the fly and have comfort in your decision-making capabilities.
  • We will help open up doors of opportunities for athletes aspiring to play football at the high school or college level here in the United States. 
  • You will leave Texas with an improved skill set and mental understanding of the game.

Summer Series/Camp Experience

  • This is for the athletes that are wanting to experience our summer training program as well as attend our summer skills camps. This is for the serious athlete that is looking to drastically improve their skill set and compete with some of the best athletes in the state, and nation.

2021 Dates:

  • July 11 – 18

** Once you’ve signed up, we will put together a personalized itinerary for your experience.


Individual athlete:  $2,500 USD/athlete
2–3 athletes: $2,000 USD/athlete
Team/Group (4+):  $1,500 USD/athlete

Fall Series/In – Season Experience

  • This is a unique experience for athletes to get a taste of what Texas football culture is actually like. Not only will we focus hard on the on-field training in order to improve the overall skill set of each athlete, but also experience live games (High school, College and/or NFL). If you have dreamed of going to a game with a packed house full of cheering fans and watching football at its highest level, this experience is for you!

2021 Dates:

TBD: Based on NFL/NCAA schedule and protocols

** Pick the option that works bets for you. Once you’ve signed up, we will put together a personalized itinerary for your experience.


  • Hotel/Home-away accommodations
  • Transportation upon arrival and throughout the week

  • Tickets to events (games, tours, sight-seeing, entertainment)

  • 1 Texas-Sized meal per day

  • On Field Training, Weight Training & Film Review

  • Highlight/Documentary video of your experience.

** The flight to Dallas, Texas IS NOT included in the cost.


“The Experience was amazing. This was my first time to the United States and from the very beginning when the coaches picked me up from the airport it felt like a family environment. Between the workouts and football training to the great food and entertainment, every day was a new adventure. I encourage everyone who loves football and wants to get better to join the Texas Football Experience.”
– Peter Demko (Potsdam, Germany)

“TFE changed my mindset about playing football – I learned to work hard and never to give up. I made new friends and my English improved. I also enjoyed the activities outside the trainings and learned about Texas. I recommend TFE for all football players.”
– Kieran Bauer – TFE 2018 (Kiel, Germany)

“As a parent, it was a unique challenge to send my 14-year-old son alone on the 5000-mile journey. Once in the TFE camp, I was sure that he was in good hands. Throughout the week, I learned how exciting the workouts were, and how much fun they were having experiencing the unique aspects of Texas. We would do it again anytime.”
Lile Bauer – TFE 2018 (Mother of a TFE athlete)

“TFE was definitely a great experience for me, I learned a lot and was also allowed to pass on knowledge. Football at this level is a challenge and that makes you better. In addition, discovering and exploring Texas was awesome. I made new friends and I will come back – for sure.”
– Coach Björn Siggelkow – TFE 2018 & 2019 (Köln, Germany)