Proteins are made up of amino acids which are the building blocks for lean muscle mass.

Protein Bars

Protein Bars can be a great, quick mid- course snack! The key is finding a good blend of carbohydrate and protein in addition to a bar that won’t melt.

The Necessity of Consuming Protein

Protein should be included in all meals and snacks because it slows down digestion and helps you stay full for a longer period of time

Healthy Body Fat Loss

Fat is calorie-dense so you don’t need as many high-fat foods throughout the day.

Hydrating With Electrolytes

Looking for a way to hydrate with electrolytes without a lot of added sugar? Try G2 Gatorade, Powerade Zero or even Crystal Light Hydration.

Healthy Fast Food Choices

Looking for healthier options when you need to eat ‘on the run’? Today’s blog post is about helping you to make better choices when eating out at fast food restaurants.

Post Workout Meal at a Restaurant

Never make pasta, rice, or potatoes the meal; make it the side dish & watch what sauces, butters, etc, it is cooked in or covered with.

The Window of Opportunity

The “window of opportunity” is the two hour time period post-exercise where your body has an enhanced ability to take up carbohydrates and protein to start the recovery process.

Healthy Bites: Chicken and Rice Recovery Soup

Winter workouts come with their own challenges. Not only can the cold weather make a person want to stay indoors by the fireplace, but the frigid temperatures can also trick people into thinking they need less fluid after a workout.