Camp Description

Texas Football Experience | Dallas, Texas | June 3 – June 10; June 10 – June 17; June 17 – June 24; July 8 – July 15; July 15 – July 22; July 22 – July 29


The goal of the Texas Football Experience is to give athletes from all over the world the opportunity to receive elite level football training, along with the chance to showcase your talent in front of college coaches at college football camps. The TFE will take place
over the course of June and July 2018. The full list of dates is listed below.

All participants will immediately be welcomed to the QB Ranch Family, participating in both our group training, as well as private instruction. This allows you to maximize your experience by getting valuable individualized attention, and being able to compete with our local athletes.

Who is this for?

  • American football athletes from all over the world ages 14 and up who are serious about further developing your skills and the mindset necessary to be successful on and off the football field.
  • Whether you just want to sharpen your skills to increase your impact on your club team back home, or you are eager for the chance to prove yourself to college coaches and begin your college recruiting journey, this is your chance to do so.

What to Expect?

  • Intensive position specific training both on the field and in the classroom.
  • Multiple training sessions per day.
  • The opportunity to showcase your talent in front of college coaches.
  • The chance to visit local high schools and football facilities.
  • Submersion into the Texas football culture, along with daily activities and experiences to show you what Texas is all about.
  • Tastes of Texas – enjoy the Texas food, from BBQ to Tex – Mex.

Where will this happen?

  • We are located in Dallas Texas. We will pick up all athletes from the airport upon  arrival in Texas, and accompany you throughout the entirety of their trip. We will also be traveling to camps throughout the state of Texas; we will handle all transportation once you are with us.
  • All participants will be staying together in a Texas Football Experience sponsored hotel/home away in the area.
  • QB Ranch coaches will be accompanying you the entire time on the travel to and from college camps.


  • The 2018 Texas Football Experience opportunities are as follows:
    • Each Experience is 1 week long (Arrive Sunday, Depart Sunday)
      • TFE 1: June 3 – June 10
      • TFE 2: June 10 – June 17
      • TFE 3: June 17 – June 24
      • TFE 4: July 8 – July 15
        • Under Armour Elite Passing Academy
      • TFE 5: July 15 – July 22
        • Airborne Academy Camp – Austin Tx.
      • TFE 6: July 22 – July 29
  • You have the freedom to determine a Texas Football Experience that’s just right for you.
  • Pick your arrival date, and we will put together a TFE itinerary specific to your travel plans.

*We will continually update the camps as they become available.

Cost of Texas Football Experience 2018:

  • $2,000 / Experience (1 week long: Sunday – Sunday)
  • Included in this:
    • QB Ranch athletic gear
    • Housing accommodations
    • Training costs
    • Training video analysis
    • Personalized TFE highlight video
    • College Camp Registration costs
    • @ Least 1 Texas Sized meal / day
    • Transportation once they arrive in Texas
      • *Flight cost is not included.
    • Tickets to events – local sporting events/theme park/camps ect.

Training Objectives:

Over the course of the experience we will train you at an elite level both on and off the
field. Our objective is to teach you as much about the game of football as possible in the
time that we have you here with us. This will include extensive on field training sessions,
along classroom setting training sessions. We will be filming all of your on-field training
and will study the film so you are receiving maximum feedback based on your
performance during the training.

We expect all participants to not only make huge strides in your on field abilities, but
your understanding of the game as a whole. We will be using Hudl to watch and break
down game film. We will talk through situations and build confidence in your ability to
think on the fly and have comfort in your decision making capabilities.

Our goal is to give athletes from all over the world the opportunity to fully grasp the
physical, mental, emotional, and even cultural capacity of the sport that you love, in a
way that you never before could have imagined. We believe that you will leave Texas
with a unique appreciation for the sport, along with the physical abilities to compete at a
higher level, and a desire to ACHIEVE GREATNESS.

For more information e-mail



Registration currently is open for 2018 TFE. You must be registered at least 1 month prior to your arrival date in Texas.
This allows us to prepare for your arrival, and send a complete itinerary to you and your parents.


For more information in Germany, contact Soeren Wendland at or call him at +49 152 33567387

For more information in the United States, contact Nate Poppell at or call him a 1-832 803-7225.


  • TFE and its participants will be filmed through the entire camp.
  • If you do not wish to have your athlete filmed, please indicate this upon registration.


  • 1 medium size suitcase
  • 1 small gym bag (backpack or a day bag)​
  • 1 travel outfit
  • Light, loose, comfortable
  • Use for travel days and during relaxation periods​
  • 2-3 casual outfits for dinner, mall, games, tours, ect.​
  • 4-5 pairs of underwear & 4 pairs of socks
  • 2-3 casual shirts/button-ups/long sleeves (warm weather)​
  • 1-2 casual pants​
  • 1-2 casual shorts
  • 3-4 workout outfits
  • 4 pairs of training tights or leggings and 4 pairs of socks
  • 3-4 training shirts/dry-fit/long sleeves (warm weather)​
  • 3-4 training shorts or pants
  • 1 pair of workout shoes (flats)
  • 1 pair of football cleats
  • 1 pair of comfortable travel shoes


  • All participants with food or substance allergies must provide that information upon registration.