QB Ranch Joins Forces with REPS VR

The Quarterback Ranch has partnered with REPS VR to become the first in Texas to adopt the REPS virtual reality training platform to improve quarterback play.  The REPS platform is a patent-pending training app that uses immersive virtual reality and emerging neuroscience to rapidly improve quarterback performance without depending solely on field practice. REPS is the first training tool of its kind to provide active training and evaluation off the field, allowing quarterbacks to perform unlimited repetitions while working at the edge of their ability.

“Our goal is not to train athletes to throw a football but instead to train them to be quarterbacks,” said Bill Webb, founder and CEO of The Quarterback Ranch. “There is so much more to the game and this is a tool that will greatly enhance our ability to teach the game and create a more effective and efficient training environment for our athletes.”

The REPS platform allows Quarterback Ranch to create customized or group training programs depending on the individual player’s needs. The REPS platform uses proprietary cognitive training processes to amplify learning and recall allowing players to reach mastery faster than traditional training methods.  Players can get unlimited practice in a deep-learning environment; every repetition is evaluated and critiqued, enabling athletes to learn complex systems and improve reaction time and decision making with each repetition performed.

“There’s only one way to improve performance and that’s through hundreds, even thousands of repetitions in a deep-leaning environment,” said Joe Ashfield, REPS VP of Football Operations and former Stanford University football coach. “League regulations don’t allow athletes the time needed to develop complex skills in practice; we created REPS to solve that problem and are excited to help coaches at all levels improve their development programs.”

REPS officially launched Summer 2019 and is currently used at Stanford, Pacific Lutheran University, and Black Hills State University, where the platform has already seen success. REPS offers tiered programs for high school, small college and NCAA Division I football programs.

“As our knowledge of human physical performance has advanced, coaches across the country have created more proficient, accurate, athletic throwers. Sadly, however, the great leaps achieved in understanding the mental and psychological aspects of human performance have not found their way into the teaching methods of most coaches. The vital skills of decision making and competitive poise still languish among tired, outdated, and unscientific teaching models, if taught at all.  Virtual training has been proven on the battlefield and in the NFL, REPS is now making it available to players at all levels.”  Joe Ashfield, VP football Operations, REPS VR.