Training at The Quarterback Ranch


The Quarterback Ranch utilizes various training structures to maximize the development opportunities for athletes at all levels and capabilities.

In a traditional coaching/training environment, an athlete may train with an instructor for some period of time and then the athlete and/or parents decide that instructor has done all they can and it is time to move on. Then the search is on for a coach who can provide that next “level” of training. At The Quarterback Ranch we have developed a structure so that our clients can receive more sophisticated and intense training as their abilities increase and their needs change. In short, our athletes never have to leave The Quarterback Ranch to move to the next level of training.

Experience tells us that instruction concepts are consistent regardless of the age of the athlete, but delivery methods and intensity must be varied based on age and skill levels. It is particularly important with younger athletes that parents are engaged in the process so that they are able to continue and enhance the skills development, drills, and activities between organized training sessions. As the skill level and age of an athlete increases, so do the sophistication and intensity of the training.

Whether in individual training group lessons, or a camp environment, our athletes receive training and instruction from a variety of specialists, including not only specific position-related skills but also position-specific speed, agility, conditioning, the mental game, nutrition, and more, including 3D video analysis utilizing virtual reality. Our training is not meant to replace school-based coaching but instead to enhance it. With the parents’ permission, we will communicate with our athletes’ school coaches to better understand strengths and opportunities so the athlete is better prepared for the organized team activity he participates in. Our clients don’t have one instructor. Instead, they have a team of instructors, all working together to bring out the best of their abilities.

Regardless of age, ability, or expectations, our instructors can provide individualized instruction/coaching for any athlete. This premium-level training is totally individualized and based on the client’s personal needs. From our entry-level instruction all the way to our elite-level coaching, our instructors tailor the sessions so as to bring out the best in each athlete on a case-by-case basis. Working in a team environment, our various subject-matter experts work together to execute an individual improvement plan for each athlete.

The most cost-effective and often results-effective training can be accomplished with a group of athletes made up of those with similar skills and capabilities. At The Quarterback Ranch, our maximum instructor to player ration is 1 to 6. Ideally, we maintain a 1 to 4 ratio in our group instruction but maintain some flexibility so athletes that want to train in the same group are able to. Our group training includes a mix of position-related skills and techniques, position-specific speed and agility, and mental concepts, including film study and video analysis.


As the name implies, The Quarterback Ranch trains quarterbacks of all levels and ages. But our training program also focuses on the training of receivers through our Flight Crew program. QB Ranch receiver instructors have played the game at the highest levels and brings real-world playing experience to the training environment. Our training focuses on technique for footwork, catching, route precision, body control, scheme recognition, and much more. Our group sessions and camps are just as focused on receiver training as they are quarterback training. QB Ranch receivers have gone on to play at the college level and many of those athletes return to QB Ranch in the off-season to accent our training staff.

The Quarterback Ranch provides both elite-level skills camps throughout the year, particularly during the summer, as well as general skill football camps, usually in conjunction with a local high school or youth sports organization. Our elite camps include very high-level instruction with our elite instructors and special features, including guest instructors who are current and former collegiate and NFL players and coaches. All Quarterback Ranch camps are produced in cooperation with are high school coaches. All camps require pre-registration.

The Quarterback Ranch works with middle school/junior high and high school programs to train athletes during the off-season. These group training programs are very cost-effective and are customized to not only train the skills and methods utilized by The Quarterback Ranch, but are fully customized to integrate the system the athletes operate in. This training is often done on or near the host school facilities so travel is limited. We utilize the program’s terminology, routes, progressions and general scheme so that the players are learning their system and their system only.

The Quarterback Ranch works with youth sports associations to provide customized professional coaching, either has head coaches or as “guest” coaches at practices. Many organizations utilize a parent-coached structure. Bringing The Quarterback Ranch and its experienced instructors into a youth association is a great way to enhance the experience for players, coaches, and parents by providing cost-effective instruction at a team/league level. Our program raises the level for any youth association interested in taking the next step in providing quality coaching/instruction for its athletes.