Quarterback Ranch Shootout

Quarterbacks/Receivers Skills Competition
In conjunction with Texas Elite 7-on-7


The Quarterback Ranch is partnering with Texas Elite 7-on-7, the premier 7-on-7 organization in the DFW Metroplex, to present the 2016 Shootout Skills Competition for Quarterbacks and Receivers.


The first of its kind, this event will pair a quarterback and a single receiver in a “shootout” style competition held in conjunction with three Texas Elite 7-on-7 tournaments throughout the area in the spring and summer. A stand-along qualifier will be held as well on April 16 at LD Bell High School. Athletes will compete in age divisions (same age divisions as 7-on-7). The top 2 teams in each age division at each event will qualify for the finals scheduled for Saturday, July 9th at the Stars and Stripes 7-on-7 tournament in Keller.


Quarterbacks may register up to three (3) times per qualifier with a different receiver each time. Cost per team per registration is $30. Pre-registration is recommended. Once our field is full, no more registrations will be accepted for that qualifier. A quarterback can qualify only one time for the finals in an age division.

2016 Schedule of Events


April 16
Stand-alone qualifier – LD Bell High School
April 23
The QB Ranch 7-on-7 Shootout – Keller High
May 7
Cinco de Mayo Tournament – Chisholm Trail High School
May 21
Memorial Tournament – Keller High
June 18
Muscle Milk Under the Lights Tournaments – Keller


July 16 – Stars and Stripes Tournament – LD Bell High School


2016 Competition Rules

1. Quarterbacks will team with one (1) receiver in each entry to make a team.
2. The competition will include 10 throws which will be a combination of throws to a live receiver and to static/moving targets.
3. There is no time limit. However, if the course is completed at or less the time goals, 10 additional points will be awarded (5th- 8th grade: 65 seconds,      9th – 11th grade: 55 seconds). Clock starts when QB picks the ball off the tee at the beginning and ends when receiver deposits the ball in final bucket.
4. Points will be accumulated for completions to the live receivers and for successfully hitting the static/moving targets.
5. The competition course will be setup the same for all qualifiers but will be different for the finals.
6. Competitors will register by age division. Competitors may register “up” into a higher age division as well but may qualify for the finals in only one division.
7. Quarterbacks may register with a receiver up to three times in an age division at a single qualifier. There is no limit to how many qualifiers a QB competes in. However, a QB may qualify for the finals only once (regardless of age division). Like the state 7-on-7 qualifiers, once you qualify you can’t qualify again. You can compete all you want but you can qualify only once.
8. The competition course will be adjusted (distance of routes/throws) by age division. But the course progression will be the same in all qualifiers.
9. Quarterbacks must use provided footballs.
10. Winners will be determined by total number of points. In the event of a tie those competitors will advance to the finals. In the finals, ties will be broken with a sudden-death round.
11. All scoring and rules interpretations by the competition committee will be final and not subject to appeal or protest.
12. Winners in each age division at the finals will receive award. All finals qualifiers will receive shirts at the finals.
13. Entry fee will be $30 per QB/receiver team.
14. The April 16 qualifier will be a stand-alone event at LD Bell High School. All other qualifiers will be held in conjunction with Texas Elite 7-0n-7 tournaments. However, entrants do not have to be participating in a Texas Elite 7-on-7 tournament to participate in the Quarterback Ranch Shootout.
15. Points per throw
Each throw to receivers – 5 points (20 points total possible)
Each bucket throw – 5 points for hit/ 10 for a make (20 points possible)
Each net throw – 1 point for contact/5 for make (20 points possible)
Time Bonus – 10 points possible
16. In the event of bad weather, qualifiers will be rescheduled if indoor facilities are not available.