The Quarterback Ranch Adds EON Sports VR to its Instructional Offering

The Quarterback Ranch, a Texas-based football training academy, will begin using the SIDEKIQ simulator football software developed by EON Sports VR as an additional tool for training quarterbacks and receivers. The Quarterback Ranch will also provide a smartphone mobile app, developed by EON Sports VR, to its offerings.

“We are very excited about the partnership with EON Sports that will bring this technology to our athletes,” said Bill Webb, co-founder of The Quarterback Ranch. “The fact that we can leverage this technology to put our athletes into a valuable and dynamic learning environment that they embrace and enjoy is a huge benefit. The fact that it is so customizable allows us to integrate any offensive, defense and offenses and individual plays into our training which is a foundational element of our training.”

As the use of virtual reality technology continues to grow among college and professional sports teams, the SIDEKIQ simulator is the first computer modeling product that allows the user to input a playbook and an opposing team’s playbook seamlessly into the software. The system is extremely portable, requires only a specially-designed lightweight headset that works in conjunction with proprietary software, and can be used with any smartphone. Through the use of computer-generated graphics, the SIDEKIQ simulates game conditions and allows the user to custom tailor a virtual game scenario from the same perspective they would see on the field during an actual game or practice session.

“Virtual reality has become very popular in high school and college programs and there has recently been much more interest in the technology from professional sports teams looking to add to their teaching tools while limiting exposure to injuries that may occur in live-action situations,” said EON Sports VR CEO Brendan Reilly. “With our partnership with The Quarterback Ranch, we are excited to now be able to extend our reach into the athlete training space.”

By utilizing Eon Sports VR’s mobile app, The Quarterback Ranch can deliver the training and technology directly to the mobile device of its training clients. “We know we have to be able to deliver our training directly to the end-user on a platform they are comfortable with,” Webb said. “Through the mobile app, our athletes can continue their training on their time and in the comfort of their home for what is really a very modest investment. We believe leveraging the EON Sports technology puts us in a very unique position in the quarterback training market.”

About The Quarterback Ranch

The Quarterback Ranch is a Southlake, Texas-based quarterback training academy that provides fully- customized offensive skills training to individuals and high school programs in Texas and surrounding states. The Quarterback Ranch, established in 2013, partners with Under Armour to produce the Under Armour Passing Academy at The Quarterback Ranch at various locations each summer. The Quarterback Ranch trains more than 1,000 quarterbacks and receivers each year.

About EON Sports VR:

EON Sports VR is a Kansas City-based company that helps athletes reach their true potential through the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies. Started in the summer of 2013, EON Sports VR uses cutting edge visualization software that simulates competition so athletes can practice in game –like scenarios without needing access directly to their coaches, facilities and incurring physical wear and tear. The visualization capabilities range from large scale immersive environments to smartphone simulators. For further information, visit www.eonsportsvr.


Bill Webb
The Quarterback Ranch