First Shootout Qualifier Results

Thank you for all who participated in our first Shootout Qualifier today at LD Bell High School. Despite the wind, it was a great competition and the results were very close. As a reminder, the best performing combos from each qualifier will advance to our finals, scheduled for Saturday, July 9, in Keller.

Post-Workout Recovery

Post-workout your goal is to grab a snack as fast as you can…for sure within 30 minutes after the workout!

Gluten Free Foods

Most people think going “gluten-free” means cutting out all the good stuff! It’s actually only cutting out those products containing wheat.

Halftime Snacks

Halftime is a great time to stop and have a complex snack and rehydrate.

Food Safety

Games in Texas are very hot; thus there are some foods that should not be brought onto the course due to food safety issues.

Is Snacking Good For You?

Snacks can be a great nutrition benefit for exercisers and non- exercisers if they snack healthfully.