The Quarterback Ranch Story

The Quarterback Ranch, based in the heart of Quarterback Country in Southlake Texas, was created in 2013 with a simple and clear mission: Bring together the best instructors, strategies, and methods in the country to provide the highest quality football skill position training, with a special focus on quarterbacks at all experience levels. And while our heart – and our headquarters – is in Texas, The Quarterback Ranch provides training and instruction in various locations throughout the country and we are looking into new markets on a regular basis.

What makes the Quarterback Ranch unique is our multi-dimensional approach. As an example, we believe being an elite quarterback goes well beyond the ability to throw the football. We have brought together many of the top experts in the sports world to help our athletes reach their highest potential by focusing on the body and mind in addition to the obvious skills specific to the position. Our approach to athlete development combines position-specific skills development and agility, speed and conditioning with, nutrition, the latest in sports medicine (including leading edge concussion detection and treatment), and the mental game. We utilize some of the latest in technology, including 3D video analysis and virtual reality training.

Many quarterback instructors are part-time. There is nothing part-time about us. The Quarterback Ranch is a full-time, year-round program that combines the most knowledgeable and experienced instructors with a high-touch, personalized approach to development of athletes from middle school to professional football. Whether through our one-on-one or group instructions or as part of one of our camps held throughout the year in various locations, our training is professional, consistent, individualized, and presented with both the student and parents in mind.

While we cut our teeth on helping quarterbacks reach the elite level, our specialty is training. In addition to quarterbacks, we provide individualized training and camps for receivers and defensive backs. While many quarterback camps make “room” for quarterbacks to bring their own receivers, we provide primary instruction for these other positions with some of the best coaches and instructors who have played and coached their respective positions at the highest levels of collegiate and professional football.

Many of our athletes come out of environments where they are the best or near the top of their class. Many are the top prospects and athletes at their positions in their age and area, region … even the country. At The Quarterback Ranch, we group athletes by age, skill level, and abilities so they are pushed – both mentally and physically – by those they are training with who have comparable skills. Our instructors have a proven track record of helping their trainees reach the highest levels of competition, from high school to college to the NFL. When your son trains at The Quarterback Ranch, he is surrounded by peers that will truly allow him to be measured against the best of the best.

We believe involving the parents in the training process is a significant key to the ultimate success of our training and the athletes we train. We work with parents to establish and agree to clear and realistic expectations and then provide constant feedback regarding the progress and realization of those expectations. In fact, we believe it is important for parents to understand what we are training — and why — so our programs include specific training and information sessions for parents as well.

As much as we would like to see all of our athletes play major college football or advance to the glamour of the NFL, we know it is simply not realistic. In fact, it is hard to know how good a middle school or even a high school athlete is going to turn out to be. Our focus is to help every athlete achieve the next level of success … whatever it is for them. For some, that may be gaining enough confidence to play on a competitive team. For others, it could mean seeking the starting position on their middle or high school team. For others it can mean earning a college scholarship or preparing for the NFL combine. Our approach is to prepare our athletes for the next level, whatever that next level might be.

As a client of The Quarterback Ranch, you will often hear us talk about “our team.” We are so committed to the concept that everyone involved in The Quarterback Ranch uses the same training concepts, terminology, and drills so that every team member involved in an athlete’s training are all working from the same playbook. This “team” concept also means we all operate from a set of business and personal principles, including:

  • We are all passionate about training our athletes but we are a business first and without the success of the business, we will not have an effective platform from which to demonstrate that passion.
  • Every athlete is an individual with individual abilities, talent, expectations, and possibilities. In all we do, we acknowledge this individuality and train one athlete at a time.
  • We train our athletes to succeed, not just on the field but off the field as well.
  • Our job is not to replace school coaches but to compliment them and bring additional value. We work with an athlete’s coach whenever possible to maximize the training impact.
  • Success is not about the score. It is about performing at or beyond our individual capabilities.
    Instructors and coaches don’t win championships. Players do. The primary goal of The Quarterback Ranch is to help put our athletes in a position where they have the best opportunity to win … whatever the competition.
  • Physical skills are best utilized when the mind is prepared and trained to leverage those skills.
  • Champions are not born. Champions are developed … one day at a time.

Our unique approach – bringing the best instructors and professionals available from multiple disciplines – means our athletes learn much more than how to spin a football or catch a pass. Our athletes improve at all facets of the game, from physical to mental, from health and nutrition to understanding the complexities and fine points of offense and defense, both on the field and off. At The Quarterback Ranch, we don’t train football players. We inspire them to lead by example!