Speed / Agility / Performance / Conditioning Training

Training offered at several locations throughout the DFW.
Customized, on-site and team training available

Overall improvement in these areas:

-Top Speed
-Agility/Lateral Mobility
-Balance/Body Control
-Power & Plyometrics
-Relative Body Strength
-Force Production
-Cardiovascular Endurance
-Mental Toughness/Confidence

Private Training – $85 per 50-minute session
Group Training Drop-In Fee – $35
All package pricing requires a monthly commitment and pre-payment

For more information contact Nate Poppell at (832) 803-7225 or by email (npoppell@thequarterbackranch.com) for scheduling and additional training information

Kick-Start Program

Level 1– 3rd-5th Grade – Class length: 60 minutes – Class description: Tailored to help guide the novice athlete to explore their abilities while creating a foundation for skills & strength.

» $249/month=unlimited sessions
» $149/month=12 sessions
» $129/month = 8 sessions

Game Ready Program:

Level 2 – 6th-8th Grade – Class length: 60 minutes – Class description: G.R. is structured for the developing athlete who strives to sharpen their athletic tools. The primary goal for this course is to create proficiency in the athlete’s skills and abilities.

» $249/month=unlimited sessions
» $149/month=12 sessions
» $129/month=8 sessions

Playmaker Elite Program:

Level 3 – HS+ – Class length: 60 minutes – Class description: Geared specifically for serious athletes looking to raise their game to the next level. P.E. is a very challenging, but fun class intended to push athletes to master all skills.

» $249/month=unlimited sessions
» $149/month=12 sessions
» $129/month=8 sessions

Champions Club Program:

Adult – 18+ – Class length: 60 minutes — Class description: Perfect fitness class for the adults who need to learn, get back into, or stay in the game. In order to look, move, and feel like an athlete, you must train like an athlete.

» $249/month=unlimited sessions
» $149/month=12 sessions
» $129/month=8 sessions

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