Healthy Fast Food Choices


» 6” sandwich on whole wheat or honey oat w/ meat, cheese, veggies & sauce on the side w/ 1 bag Baked Lays or Apples
» 6” breakfast sandwich on whole wheat, honey oat or flatbread w/egg & cheese or ham & cheese


» Breakfast: Bagel w/ egg & cheese w/fruit cup
» Egg and Cheese Sandwich
» Grilled chicken sandwich w/fruit cup
» Grilled chicken wrap w/ small amount dressing
» Grilled chicken salad w/ large fruit cup
» Grilled Chicken Strips (no sauce)
» Chicken Teriyaki Bowl w/ fruit cup


» Breakfast: Egg McMuffin w/ apple dippers
» Grilled chicken sandwich w/ apple dippers
» Grilled chicken snack wrap w/ yogurt & granola parfait
» Grilled chicken snack wrap w/ snack-size fruit & walnut salad
» Grilled chicken salad w/apple dippers & caramel
» Toasted turkey deli sandwich (no bacon) w/apple dippers & caramel

Jack In The Box

» Breakfast: Breakfast Jack w/apple sauce or 2% milk
» Grilled chicken sandwich w/fruit cup or apple sauce
» Chicken fajita pita w/fruit cup
» Grilled chicken salad w/dressing on side & fruit cup

Sonic Drive-In

» Grilled Chicken Salad w/ apple slices & fat-free dipping sauce
» Grilled Chicken Wrap w/apple slices & fat-free dipping sauce

Taco Bell

» Fresco menu items

Burger King

» Ham Omelette Sandwich
» TENDERGRILL (TM) Garden Salad
» TENDERGRILL (TM) Chicken Sandwich (no mayonnaise)


» Grilled chicken sandwich w/ garden salad & low-fat dressing
» Grilled chicken salad w/ low-fat dressing


» Grilled chicken salad & fruit
» 1⁄2 Sandwich on wheat bread w/ 1⁄2 salad & dressing on side or broth-based soup
» Breakfast Power Sandwich
» Strawberry Granola Parfait


» Market Fresh sandwich or wrap w/sauce on the side
» Hot Ham & Cheese Melt
» Market Fresh salad


» Grilled Chicken Go Wrap w/side salad & low-fat dressing
» Grilled chicken sandwich w/ mandarin oranges
» Grilled chicken salad w/ low-fat dressing & mandarin oranges
» Small chili w/4 saltines & side salad w/ low-fat


» Non-fat latte (cold or hot) – can add sugar-free syrup
» Non-fat cappuccino – can add sugar-free syrup
» Light frappuccino
» Brewed coffee or espresso
» Iced coffee – can add sugar-free syrup
» Unsweetened Tazo tea (cold or hot)
» Non-fat chai tea
» Yogurt Parfait
» Breakfast wraps & sandwiches (not sausage)
» Power Protein Plate
» Mini bran muffin
» Oatmeal w/nuts


» Grilled chicken chopped salad w/ dressing on side
» Cup of chicken noodle, tomato basil or chili w/ 4 saltines, side salad & low-fat dressing
» Grilled chicken sammie w/ side salad & low-fat dressing
» Small turkey & cheddar, ham & swiss, turkey ranch & swiss (ranch on the side), honey bourbon chicken or veggie sandwich on wheat bread w/side salad & low-fat dressing

Make Your Own Burrito Restaurants (Chipotle, Qdoba, Freebirds, etc.)

» Choose a “bowl”, “naked burrito” or salad instead of a burrito
• The tortillas alone add around 300 calories, 9 grams of fat and are roughly 3 carbohydrate servings!
» Pick no more than 2 of the following:
• Rice
• Black beans*
• Pinto beans*
• Corn
» Choose chicken over beef.
• The beef restaurants use is usually higher in fat and calories than the lean meats you would get at home.
• Ask your server if lean pork or shredded beef is available. If so, then you can try one of those instead.
» Add a half the normal amount of cheese if you desire.
• Remember, restaurants probably aren’t using 2% cheese!
» If you would like, get light sour cream or guacamole on the side.
• Only use about 1 tablespoon of one or the
» Add as many non-starchy vegetables (peppers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.) and salsas as you like!
*Refried beans are not a good choice because they usually have lard added!

Smoothie Shops (Smoothie King, Jamba Juice, etc.)

» Make your smoothie “skinny” if the option is available
• Many smoothie places add sugar to their smoothies which boosts the calorie content, but not the nutrition!
» Choose smoothies that are made with fruit or yogurt instead of ice cream, sorbet or candy.
» Order a small or child’s size.
» If it’s available, look at the nutrition facts and choose smoothies that are 300 calories or less.
» Add a scoop of protein powder if it doesn’t already come with one.
• This will help you feel full longer.

General Restaurant Rules

» Add a salad before your meal w/dressing on the side
» Your plate should be assembled as such: 1⁄4 carbohydrate, 1⁄4 protein, 1⁄2 vegetables/salad
• ~1 fist carbohydrate (pasta, rice, potato, sweet potato, bread, corn, peas, etc.)
• ~1 palm size meat/protein (chicken, fish, red meat, egg, tofu, cottage cheese, etc.)
• 1⁄2 plate veggies (salad, steamed vegetables, sautéed vegetables, raw vegetables, etc.)
» Get all dressings, sauces, gravies, dips, etc. on the side
» Never make pasta, rice, or potatoes the meal…make it the side dish & watch what sauces, butters, etc, it is cooked
in or covered with
» Avoid drinks with high calories like sodas, sugar-sweet tea, alcohol, juice, etc.
-Amy Goodson

amy-goodson-quarterback-ranchAmy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD is a registered dietitian for Ben Hogan Sports Medicine and serves as the sports dietitian for the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, FC Soccer Dallas, Jim McClean Golf School, Texas Christian University Athletics, and University of Texas at Arlington Athletics. In addition, she is an adjunct professor and dietetic intern preceptor for Texas Woman’s University, Texas Christian University and the University of Texas at Arlington and is a state media representative for the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. . She received her Bachelor of Science degree in speech communications from Texas Christian University and Masters in Exercise and Sports Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University.