Pre, During and Post-Exercise Meal Ideas

Pre-Exercise Snack (30 min-1 hour before practice)

• Energy Bar (Clif, Power Bar Harvest, Power Bar, Luna) and a bottle of Gatorade
• 2-4 Graham crackers with peanut butter
• Whole wheat crackers/pretzels & 2% string cheese
• Peanut butter and jelly/honey sandwich & apple slices
• Granola Bar: Kashi, Nature Valley, Quaker Oatmeal-to-Go & a yogurt
• Fruit & 2% string cheese, fruit & peanut butter, fruit & yogurt
• Bagel w/ peanut butter or bagel w/light cream cheese & a yogurt
• Dry trail mix/granola mix: whole grain cereal/granola, nuts and dried fruit
• Smoothie made with yogurt, low-fat milk, fruit
• Peanut butter crackers & a fruit
• 6 inch Subway sandwich
• McDonald’s Grilled Chicken snack wrap & apple slices

During-Exercise Snack

• Sports Drink
• Energy bars
• Fruit
• Crackers or pretzels
• Granola Bar: Kashi, Nature Valley, Quaker Oatmeal-to-Go
• Dry whole grain cereal/trail mix

Post-Exercise Meal (2-Hour window)

• 3 oz chicken, 1-2 cups pasta with marinara sauce, 1 cup veggies, & 1 whole wheat roll
• 6 inch Subway sandwich, 1 bag Baked Lays, & apple slices or low-fat milk
• 3-6oz fish, 1 sweet or baked potato, 2 cups salad with light dressing, &1 piece fruit
• 1 whole wheat pita or flat wrap with 3oz chicken, 1⁄4 c low-fat cheese, lettuce/tomato, light sour cream & 15-20
wheat crackers or pretzels
• Peanut butter and jelly/honey sandwich, baked chips or fruit, & low-fat milk
• 2-3 cups Chicken Voila! (frozen pasta in a bag) with Pepperidge Farm’s frozen garlic bread
• 1 packet oatmeal, 1 scoop protein powder, sprinkle nuts & dried fruit & 8-12 oz low-fat milk
• 20 oz Smoothie King-like smoothie with whey protein
• 1 cup whole grain cereal with 1⁄2 c low-fat milk, 1 low-fat yogurt & 1 fruit
• Turkey & low-fat cheese sandwich on wheat bread & yogurt w/ 1⁄4 cup granola mixed in
• 20 whole wheat crackers or pretzels, 3oz lean turkey, one 2% string cheese, 1 piece fruit or fruit cup
• Chicken Quesadilla: 1 whole wheat tortilla (broiled in oven for 2 min per side) with 3oz lean, skinless chicken &
1⁄4 c 2% cheese, 10-12 baked multi-grain tortilla chips & 1 cup fruit salad
• Fast Food: Grilled chicken sandwich, yogurt/granola cup & low-fat milk

*Portion sizes can vary based on age, size & activity level of athlete*

amy-goodson-quarterback-ranchAmy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD is a registered dietitian for Ben Hogan Sports Medicine and serves as the sports dietitian for the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, FC Soccer Dallas, Jim McClean Golf School, Texas Christian University Athletics, and University of Texas at Arlington Athletics. In addition, she is an adjunct professor and dietetic intern preceptor for Texas Woman’s University, Texas Christian University and the University of Texas at Arlington and is a state media representative for the Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. . She received her Bachelor of Science degree in speech communications from Texas Christian University and Masters in Exercise and Sports Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University.