QB Ranch Speed and Agility Training

QB Ranch is now offering speed and agility training geared for all serious athletes looking to produce at their next level. This program allows athletes to enhance all skills needed for sports; Coordination, Agility, Speed, Power, Balance, and Reaction. Compliment your strength workouts with speed & agility to
become the ultimate PLAYMAKER. All training is held at our new training location: Now available Absolute Recomp Gym, 6428 Davis Blvd, North Richland Hills, TX. Provided by Joe Vela, head speed and agility coach for QB Ranch, this training is available on a regularly-scheduled basis. IMPROVE OVERALL: Mobility/Flexibility, Quickness, Top Speed, Acceleration, Mental Toughness, Change of Direction Ability

(Beginning February 21st)
-Tuesdays 7 & 8 pm
-Thursdays 7 & 8 pm

(Beginning in March)
-Fridays 5 & 6 pm
-Saturday 1 & 2 pm